Wellbeing is present when students realise their abilities, take care of their physical wellbeing, can cope with the normal stresses of life, and have a sense of purpose and belonging to a wider community. At St Ciaran’s we always aim to provide an atmosphere that supports our students social, emotional and physical wellbeing. It is at the heart of the school's mission statement.

Wellbeing related policies in relation to behaviour, internet safety, extracurricular activities and Anti-Bullying are all in place. These are shared with students and parents/guardians and are regularly reviewed.

There is a coherent and coordinated approach to the provision of SPHE, CSPE and PE as part of the Wellbeing programme in Junior Cycle.

In St Ciaran’s we have a long-established tradition of promoting the Wellbeing of our students. As part of our commitment to this Wellbeing Programme our students will participate in

· Physical Education

· Civic, Social and Political Education

· Social, Personal and Health Education

· Digital Literacy

· School Guidance

· Pastoral Care

· Tutor classes

In addition to Wellbeing within the curriculum, we offer many other opportunities for our students to focus and work on their Wellbeing. We have a dedicated Wellbeing team that works to promote Wellbeing and coordinate Wellbeing events throughout the year.




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