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First Year Christmas Card Competition

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The Student Council are running a First Year Christmas Card competition. All cards should contain  supportive messages inside. Cards will be distributed to the isolated and vulnerable via the Community Police in Navan. The deadline is Tuesday the 15th with prizes distributed on the 16th! 

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Posted on Wednesday, 2 December 2020  |  By Cara McLoughlin

Firsty Year 'Rooted in Reading' Passports Initiative

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1st Year ‘Rooted in Reading’ Passports Initiative 

All first year students will receive their ‘Reading Passports’ this week to encourage our student’s uptake of reading for enjoyment. We believe that reading for enjoyment reduces stress, improves analytical thinking, boosts vocabulary, writing skills and develops increased memory skills. 

Each week, 1st years have the opportunity in English class to participate in ‘Drop Everything and Read’ with a book from home. Students will complete a number of novels between school and home this year. Upon completion, they will receive a ‘passport stamp’ from their English teacher and record the book in their ‘Reading Passports’. Prizes and certificates will be awarded to successful readers in May 2020. With your encouragement and support, we hope to further build a culture of reading in our school community. 


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Posted on Friday, 4 December 2020  |  By Cara McLoughlin


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This Friday, 11th of December 2020, we are asking you to pause and say #GRMA to everyone in the school community who have worked to keep schools safe since they have reopened.

This includes Students, Teachers, Principals, Parents, SNA’s, Caretakers, Bus Drivers and everyone in between!

We want to celebrate the enormous work that all members of the school community have done since they reopened this year. 

Here is video of collective acknowledgement from Ireland's political leaders, media and sports personalities.

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Posted on Thursday, 10 December 2020  |  By Cara McLoughlin