First Year:

All first year students are taught in mixed ability classes and study the following core subjects:

English, Irish, Mathematics,

Religious Education, History,

Geography, CSPE, SPHE, P.E.,

Information & Communication

Technology (ICT).


Classes are formed on the basis of pre entry assessment tests together with assessments from Primary Schools. All possible steps are taken to ensure a balanced mix of abilities in each of the classes. In May students sit formal examinations English, Irish and Mathematics. Based on their results in these examinations (together with any assessment tests), they are organised into new class groups in 2nd year. The mixed ability classes from 1st year remain unchanged for all the other core subjects.


Subject Options

In addition to the core subjects students choose three other subjects from the nine option subjects:

Art Materials Technology (Wood) German

Business Home Economics Science

French Materials Technology (Metal) Technical Graphics


During September and October students get to try out all the option subjects listed above.

At the end of October students select the 3 option subjects they wish to study.


Second and Third Year:

Where it is deemed necessary classes in core subjects are timetabled back to back. Option classes will be mixed ability – students choose the level in consultation with their teacher. Students are encouraged to take higher level where appropriate.Students choose their levels for all Junior Certificate subjects in April of Third Year in accordance with DES rules.


Transition Year:

St Ciarán’s Community School offers Transition Year as an optional one year programme designed to bridge the gap between the Junior and Senior Cycles and to prepare students for adult life. The overall aim of Transition Year is to give the students an opportunity to develop themselves through a wide variety of experiences. Students will develop their life skills as they will be involved in a number of group projects over the course of Transition Year. These include Young Social Innovators, setting up a mini-company, organizing events for new and existing students, and working with the local community in a number of voluntary groups. At the end of the year, students will be awarded Transition Year Certificates based on the following categories; Distinction, Honours, Pass. Assessment marks are based on the student’s academic work, individual portfolio, group portfolio, work placement report, and personal development.




Leaving Certificate:

All students study the core subjects, English, Irish, Mathematics, Physical Education & Religious Education. In addition to the core subjects students choose four other subjects from the following options:

Accounting Construction Studies History

Art Engineering Home Economics

Biology French Physics

Business Geography Technical Drawing

Chemistry German Agricultural Science

Applied Mathematics Economics

Irish, English and Mathematics classes are formed according to level (Higher, Ordinary, Foundation). The classes are reviewed in light of the Junior Certificate results. Option subject choice for senior cycle: During April each student will be given a form which they will complete and sign. Students will be able to change option subjects after Junior Certificate results, subject to availability. Any request for a change of option subject will follow school procedures and will require the approval of the Principal.

The option blocks are structured so that a student may take:

• Biology, Chemistry and Physics plus French or German.

• Accounting, Business and Economics.

• Biology and Home Economics.

• Biology and Agricultural Science


Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA)

This is a distinct, self-contained, two year Leaving Certificate Programme. It is designed to help students develop practical skills and to prepare for the world of work and offers alternative methods of learning and assessment for students.Work experience forms a key part of this programme.